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I do not like buying a car and generally keep them a long time. Our last car was a 1991 Corolla Wagon with 287,000 mi. and 19.5 years of service before we gave it up. I am also very frugal and do not like to spend large amounts of money on anything. I took in my 2004 Tacoma for evaluation of an oil leak and was shown (not just told) that it needed $2000 worth of work to remedy the problem. I also had just learned that my drive to work was about to change drastically. It was to be much farther and through urban traffic. The truck is a stick shift which can be difficult in stop and go driving. Being a farm boy, I loved my truck but really had little use for it as we live in a villa now with all maintenance provided. We have a 2010 Corolla which we love so I drove a new Corolla. Nice car. I then asked Allen if I could see a Prius as I have always wanted one. We drove one and the gas mileage and amenities are impressive. Allen then mentioned a terrific promotion on the 2014 Camry as the 2014.5's were coming out. He had a hybrid and that one really captured my attention. Through the following week or more I asked many detailed questions (I am an engineer) and Allen was always there politely and quickly with the answer. My wife then drove the candidate cars and we agreed on the Camry hybrid. There were still some obstacles. We didn't like the color of the only one they had and we wanted a few added options. Allen and Mr. Hibbard found our desired color and worked to add the required options at very fair price. We now own a new Camry Hybrid LE and love it. Got 44.88 mpg on the first tank. Part of the enjoyment of the car is that the purchasing process was very painless and this frugal farm boy is pleased that all was fair and above board.

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When you see an advertised price or payment on our website or receive a quote from our internet sales department, we’ll never include incentives that most people won’t qualify for. Examples of these are military rebates or the college grad program. If you do qualify for special incentives that’s great, and we’re happy to pass the savings on to you. But if you don’t qualify, the price we quote you is the one you can count on when you get here!

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At Ron Hibbard Toyota, we want to build lasting relationships with our customers by providing an excellent experience in all phases of the sales and service process. Our friendly, professional sales staff and service advisors are here to answer your questions and listen to your needs.