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 2017 Toyota Avalon | Ron Hibbard Toyota | Gallatin, TN


Avalon safety benefits from past innovation

The 2017 Toyota Avalon is a full-sized sedan that offers more than the popular Camry, while hovering just below the Lexus models. It fills a void for buyers looking for a great car, with great luxury, but who just don’t want stretch the budget any further than they must.

The Avalon has a nice style – straight forward, but still distinctive. It has refined performance features, and comes with one of the best safety platforms in the business.

Additions for 2017 are safety features, previously seen only in higher trims, now being standard on all Avalon models.


Toyota Avalon’s massively comprehensive safety platform

Toyota improves its safety platform even more on the 2017 Avalon. This year, Toyota Safety Sense™ is standard on all Avalon models. Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, and a Pre-Collison System are features of TSS. The Avalon has an industry best 10 advanced airbags with side curtain. Crumple zones and an energy absorbing steering wheel are added active safety features. Also, standard on the Avalon is the Star Safety System™ that includes Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Brake Assist, and Smart Stop Technology.


Three of the most dramatic safety features in production vehicle history

Vehicle safety can be taken for granted these days with our rear-view cameras and lane change assist technology, but there is another part of the story that is often forgotten. There is a long history of innovation that has pushed our cars to an unbelievable level of safety that is enjoyed by us today.

Here are a few of the biggest:


  1. Seat belts.

An obvious improvement, but for the automobile’s first 40 plus years, drivers and passengers were left woefully unprotected from what damage could occur when a two-thousand-pound vehicle, traveling as fast as a train, suddenly came to a halt.

The automobile seat belt was invented early, at about the same time as the car itself, but was not implemented until Volvo installed the first three-point safety belt in the mid ‘50’s as a part of offering an extra incentive to purchase one of its vehicles.

Offering it as an option in the ‘60’s, American automobile manufacturers were finally required by US Congress to make seat belts standard in all vehicles in 1963.


  1. The safety cell.

What is a safety cell? It is an essentially a roll cage for the car. It is made of strengthened steel, and its job is to protect passengers in the milliseconds following a collision after crumple areas have absorbed most the force of a crash. First developed by Mercedes, it has been a feature in luxury vehicles for decades. It is now a standard feature of nearly all modern vehicles.


  1. Radial tires.

Often not thought of as a safety feature, the invention of radial tires has not only helped greatly increase the speed and performance of modern vehicles, it has also contributed greatly to preventing drivers losing control and crashing their vehicles. Before radial tires, cars were essentially bouncing around on rubber balloons that could fail at any time. The radial tire changed that by constructing the tire’s rubber core diagonally from the center outward. Non-radial tires were built with core sections going across.


Thanks to the concern and innovativeness of our forbearers, huge leaps in vehicle safety were made. It provided the direction and inspiration for us the continue the march ever more safer vehicles. 



Visit a Toyota Dealership and explore the 2017 Toyota Avalon and remember the decades of safety innovation that has gone into it.

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